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How To Choose An Effective and Proven H2 Maths Tuition Centre in Singapore

Often in Singapore where everyone (including working parents) is engrossed day and night in work, our children may face a difficult time when it comes to their academics. Thereafter, parents spend much time in sourcing for good tuition teachers for their children and many have been disappointed or frustrated in their search. So if you are looking for a suitable H2 Maths tuition teacher for your child, then it is vitally important to find up such a centre which not only has a holistic approach towards teaching but also has specialised tutors for H2 Mathematics.

What You Must Keep In Mind

In order to search for an effective H2 Maths tutor for your child, it is important that you focus your search to a specialised tutor who is well adept in statistical and analytical skills which would prove to be helpful for your child. As we know that JC H2 Maths is a subject that requires a student to develop rigorous mathematical thinking and problem solving skills in A-Levels, the tuition teacher should be such that students are able to learn from him/her to analyse, formulate and work with data and perform statistical analysis pertaining to the syllabus and guidance instructed to them such as Irwin’s Study.

Choose An Established Tuition Centre

Sometimes, it has been reported that an average student seeking guidance for H2 Maths has been misguided with the concepts completely. Therefore, make sure to look for reliable tuition centres such as Irwin’s Study that have been well established over the years as they are more concerned with quality teaching because they have already built up a brand name and therefore do not compromise your child’s future.

Understand Your Child’s Learning Needs

In order to provide your child with the best tuition teacher available, it is essential to find a tutor who can understand the problems your child faces in H2 Mathematics. It is only then that you can efficiently channelize your search for a specialised tutor for helping your child with H2 Maths.  At the same time, it is also important to be familiar with the qualifications of the tutor and make sure that he/she has had experience teaching H2 Mathematics as his/her subject in his/her CV so that you get an effective solution to your child’s problems related to this subject.

Every parent wishes to provide their child with the best of the facilities available in all fields. Undoubtedly, our education system is remarkable and therefore even if the children face problems in the various subjects, there are a plethora of good tutors who can help your child in this subject. It is crucial that you can find the right, effective and proven tuition centre for H2 Maths for your child so that you give him/her a better head start for university entry.

To know more about our H2 Maths tuition, feel free to contact Irwin’s Study at 6789-2426 today or via our Contact Us form!

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How To Choose a Reliable ‘A’ & ‘O’-Levels Tuition Centre in Singapore

Singapore – a country that enjoys a great brand name owing to its immense successes in the field of providing high quality education. The tremendous diversity and choices available have made Singapore, a centre of global education par excellence.  Though our country is adept in providing world class education to its students, many parents feel the need to choose a reliable tuition centre for their children in order to equip them with the best education that can be understood with clarity.


All you need to do is trim down your list of the best tuition centres available for your child around the premises of the area you reside, making sure that you select the most suitable tuition centre while keeping in mind the course your child is going for. In the case of JC tuition, you would require a tutor who is very well-versed with the ‘A’-levels subjects and curriculum and has suitable academic and teaching qualifications, and has also taught a number of years in junior colleges before.  You are encouraged to gather information about the tuition centre from their website. The second step that you need to ensure for quality teaching is to take note of the subjects that the centre is offering. You should also read the testimonials from past and current students in order to have a track record of the tuition centre’s reputation and competence.


It is very important to determine the goals and focus on the reasons as to why you are looking for a reliable tuition centre. It is crucially important to understand your child’s learning needs and therefore provide him or her with the best tuition centre available. With regard to the specialised tutors for the ‘A’ and ‘O’-levels of teaching, it is even more of a primary requisite to get into a tuition centre which provides your child with the specialised levels and subjects of your child’s curriculum.

In Singapore, it is very important to stand out from the others in terms of academic competition. Parents must ensure that their children receive personalised attention which means that class size is a crucial factor. Ideally, the tuition centre should not have more than 14 students per class or else the tutors will not have the time to cater to focus on the different needs of their students. Lastly, another vital factor is the location of the tuition centre. It is very important to estimate the distance of the centre from your house so that your child’s time is saved and is efficiently utilised. This is all the more so if you are staying in the East like Tampines, Pasir Ris, Changi, Bedok or even Simei.

Whether it is GP Tuition, H2 Maths Tuition, or ‘O’-Level English Tuition, feel free to check us out at Alternatively, you can call us at 6789-2426 or visit us at Tampines St 43 to learn more about our tutors and facilities.

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