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Thank you for visiting us! In addition to the information given on this website, we also blog regularly on education, society, life, faith, love, philosophy, human nature and all that make up what Plato and Aristotle called ‘the good life’. Beyond the mundane and material life that surrounds us, we hope this blog can serve as a little oasis to share a more excellent way of thinking, doing and living our lives. So starting from the most recent posts below, do follow us on this journey! And we hope you will drop us a comment or two at to let us know your thoughts or just to let us know how we are doing. =)

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What Avengers: Age of Ultron reveals about the redemptive heart of God

I love reading articles on The Gospel Coalition because this blog/website weaves together theology & popular culture, exploring the issues that bear upon us and our Christian faith in this milieu we live in. An interesting article posted today is entitled “What Ultron Misunderstands about God and Man” (read here), discussing man’s wickedness, God’s judgement, and ultimately, the redemptive heart of God.

In the article, a reference is made to the story of Noah in Genesis,  where just as God used a flood to wipe out humanity in the story of Noah, Ultron decides he too will be an instrument of God to bring about humanity’s extinction. Now, the interesting point is that Ultron isn’t necessarily wrong in his diagnosis of humanity. War and sin are habitual practices of mankind, and one of the reasons God cursed our planet (Gen. 3:17-19). Sin manifests itself powerfully in every human relationship and leads to suffering and death, even of our own siblings (Gen. 4).

Yet while he may be correct in his assessment, Ultron is totally wrong about the solution. He thinks of himself as God’s instrument, but he fails to understand the Lord’s character. God is a holy judge, and he would be just in punishing all of humanity for our sin. But rather than seeking satisfaction in our destruction, God delights in saving. “Have I any pleasure in the death of the wicked, declares the Lord GOD, and not rather that he should turn from his way and live?” (Ezek. 18:23).

Both the Avengers and Ultron say they are looking for peace, but what Ultron seeks through destroying, the Avengers find through saving. To save humanity from the wrath of Ultron, the Avengers fight and suffer. But to save us from our sin, God had to die. And he rose again. That’s real superpower!


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New Centre for General Paper (GP) Tuition @ Bukit Timah!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of…(not my baby girl this time =)…a new centre for teaching General Paper (GP) Tuition in the West part of Singapore! We’ve been getting a growing number of student requests for GP Tuition in the West because our Tampines centre is a bit far for them, so by God’s provision, we will be starting new GP classes at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #B1-42. Here is the updated schedule of our classes for both Tampines & Bukit Timah centres:

(West) Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (NEW!)

  • GP (Saturdays, 230pm – 430pm)

(East) Tampines Centre

  • GP (Sundays, 230pm – 43opm)
  • GP (Sundays, 445pm – 645pm)
  • GP (Tuesdays, 730pm – 930pm)
  • GP (Wednesdays, 730pm – 930pm)
  • GP (Thursdays, 730pm – 930pm)
  • JC2 Maths (Saturdays, 130pm – 330pm)
  • JC2 Maths (Mondays, 730pm – 930pm)
  • JC2 Chemistry (Saturdays, 11am – 1pm)
  • JC2 Economics (Tuesdays, 730pm – 930pm)
  • JC1 Maths (Saturdays, 1pm – 3pm)
  • JC1 Chemistry (Sundays, 445pm – 645pm)
  • JC1 Physics (Sundays, 230pm – 430pm)
  • Sec 4 English (Thursdays, 730pm – 9pm)
  • Sec 4 English (Saturdays, 1pm – 230pm)
  • Sec 4 English (Saturdays, 230pm – 4pm)
  • Sec 4 Maths (Thursdays, 730pm – 9pm)
  • Sec 4 Chemistry (Pure) (Sundays, 230pm – 4pm)
  • Sec 4 Chemistry (Combined) (Sundays, 4pm – 530pm)
  • Sec 3 English (Saturdays, 11am – 1230pm)
  • Sec 3 Maths (Thursdays, 530pm – 7pm)

Please help us to spread the word and share this with friends or people whom you think would be interested to join our classes. Thank you! =)

GP Tuition


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