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Thank you for visiting us! In addition to the information given on this website, we also blog regularly on education, society, life, faith, love, philosophy, human nature and all that make up what Plato and Aristotle called ‘the good life’. Beyond the mundane and material life that surrounds us, we hope this blog can serve as a little oasis to share a more excellent way of thinking, doing and living our lives. So starting from the most recent posts below, do follow us on this journey! And we hope you will drop us a comment or two at to let us know your thoughts or just to let us know how we are doing. =)

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Happy Birthday, Singapore! =)

This year’s National Day is a special one for Irwin’s Study as we were interviewed by 8 Days & i-Weekly on our views of how to use General Paper (GP) to get 18-year-old students interested in Singapore issues. Check out our interviews in English and Mandarin below! =)

General Paper

General Paper

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My first 3 GP books…published!

And after months of hard work writing, reading, editing, re-reading, re-editing, I’ve finally published my first 3 GP books! =) These are 3 volumes of GP Essays spread across various popular topics and themes in the GP examination, and here are how they look like: (I’m pretty chaffed with the book covers especially because I chose the designs =)

GP Tuition

GP Tuition

GP Tuition

GP Tuition

And here is a sampler of some GP Essays that are found in these 3 volumes:

The elimination of poverty is a realistic aim. Discuss.

Does globalisation divide rather than unite the world?

“Environmental concerns and economic goals cannot co-exist.” Do you agree?

Can terrorism ever be justified?

“A good government is one that is able to make unpopular decisions.” Discuss.

To what extent do the new media promote democratic ideals?

“Women will never enjoy the same rights as men.” Do you agree?

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. Have today’s children lost their childhood?

Are the golden years a myth in Singapore?

In an age where knowledge becomes obsolete so quickly, do schools still have a future?

Consider the view that Man is more knowledgeable, but not necessarily wiser.

Discuss the value of solitude.

How far do you agree that travel is more than sight-seeing?

“While science has made modern life better, it does not guarantee an easier life.” Discuss.

Can prejudice ever be removed?

“The arts are more than just a form of entertainment.” To what extent is this true?

Is there any value in preserving dialects in your society?

“The value of sports is overrated.” Comment.

Are we giving too much attention to criminals and neglecting victims?

So do look out for them at Popular bookshops and your school’s bookstores, and may you find them helpful for your GP resource preparation! =)

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