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Thank you for visiting us! In addition to the information given on this website, we also blog regularly on education, society, life, faith, love, philosophy, human nature and all that make up what Plato and Aristotle called ‘the good life’. Beyond the mundane and material life that surrounds us, we hope this blog can serve as a little oasis to share a more excellent way of thinking, doing and living our lives. So starting from the most recent posts below, do follow us on this journey! And we hope you will drop us a comment or two at to let us know your thoughts or just to let us know how we are doing. =)

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We are 7 today!

Today is a special day because Irwin’s Study is 7 years-old! =)

Looking back at how it all started with one small class of GP students in 2009 to how God has grown Irwin’s Study to where it is today, I cannot help but marvel at His amazing provision and grace upon this little business He has given me to do. Five different venues, dozens of fellow tutors, and nearly a thousand students later, I am privileged and humbled to see how God can use the work of my hands to glorify His goodness.

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“Whatever the land yields during the sabbath year will be food for you—for yourself, your male and female servants, and the hired worker and temporary resident who live among you…” (Leviticus 25:6)

As a thanksgiving to God’s blessings upon my life and my business in this 7th year (Sabbath year), I want to honour God’s command to remember the needs in the world by giving a portion of what I have earned to several welfare and Christian organisations. The work that they do have impacted and touched Yingjie’s and my heart these past few years, and I pray that these amounts that we give will be used to bring help, succour, comfort and most importantly, Christ’s love to those who need it. As we have received, so shall we give!

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June Holidays General Paper (GP) Intensive Lessons

Hi! Due to overflowing requests for June Holiday GP Intensive Lessons, I have done up schedules for 5 different lesson sets to choose from (at both Tampines and Bukit Timah). There will be a total of 6 lessons in June which will be a combination of special additional lessons and the regular weekly lessons.  Here are the dates and times:


Lesson Set A:
5 Jun (Sun, 2pm)
9 Jun (Thu, 2pm)
12 Jun (Sun, 2pm)
13 Jun (Mon, 10am)
13 Jun (Mon, 2pm)
19 Jun (Sun, 2pm)

Lesson Set B:
9 Jun (Thu, 730pm)
12 Jun (Sun, 430pm)
13 Jun (Mon, 10am)
13 Jun (Mon, 2pm)
16 Jun (Thu, 730pm)
23 Jun (Thu, 730pm)


Lesson Set C:
4 Jun (Sat, 2pm)
7 Jun (Tue, 2pm)
11 Jun (Sat, 2pm)
14 Jun (Tue, 10am)
14 Jun (Tue, 2pm)
18 Jun (Sat, 2pm)

Lesson Set D:
4 Jun (Sat, 430pm)
8 Jun (Wed, 2pm)
11 Jun (Sat, 430pm)
14 Jun (Tue, 10am)
14 Jun (Tue, 2pm)
18 Jun (Sat, 430pm)

Lesson Set E:
8 Jun (Wed, 730pm)
10 Jun (Fri, 1pm)
14 Jun (Tue, 10am)
14 Jun (Tue, 2pm)
15 Jun (Wed, 730pm)
22 Jun (Wed, 730pm)

Do let us know which Lesson Set you would like to join so we can reserve seats for you as seats are limited and snapping up fast! =) See you in June!

GP Tuition

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