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Press Release: Irwin’s Study – the leading O-Level & A-Level Tuition Centre in Tampines, Singapore

School is arguably the most important part in the early life of children as the kind of education they receive often play a large role in determining the paths they take in life. It should not be surprising then to learn that many parents are anxious for their children to do the best in their ‘O’ level or ‘A’ level exams so that they can have access to more opportunities in life. However, not all children are the same. There are some who will instantly grasp what is being taught in class in the first few minutes of the lesson, while there are others who will need more time to assimilate and understand the content being taught. However, this does not necessarily mean that the children who understand the concepts faster are cleverer than those who do not; it just means that we need to recognize that there are children with different mental speeds and frameworks.

This is the reason that there are tuition programs that have been created and set outside the ordinary school curriculum. A sterling example of a successful institution that has been able to craft an enjoyable and very effective tuition programme is Irwin’s Study. Irwin’s Study is a tuition center based in Tampines, Singapore and it offers the following tuition classes and courses for students interested in honing their academic skills in these particular areas: JC Tuition, A-level Tuition, GP Tuition, H2 Maths Tuition, JC Maths Tuition and O-level English Tuition.

Enrolling in a tuition center is now recognized as one of the most effective strategies in adequately preparing for a tough examination such as the General Paper (GP). GP is widely known as one of the most competitive and challenging papers in the A-level curriculum. Irwin’s Study is favorably placed to prepare students from all backgrounds and mental capacities to prepare for such exams and pass so that they stand a better chance of excelling in the school and national examinations. This is primarily due to the fact that Irwin’s Study focuses on lighting a fire in the students’ minds and hearts, instead of just cramming them with head-knowledge. Encouraging students to be curious and inquisitive gives them the motivation and confidence needed to excel in not just General Paper, but also other subjects professionally taught in Irwin’s Study such as Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics and Economics.

As a unique tuition center, Irwin’s Study offers small class sizes so as to maximize the learning impact on each student. This means that if there is an O-level English tuition class going on, each student in the class will get their own personalized and individualized attention from the tutor teaching that lesson. This will ensure that students will directly benefit and bring home important nuggets of information and critical skills on how to improve their academic work.

Irwin’s Study is also privileged to partner with welfare organizations such as MENDAKI to offer subsidized tuition classes for students from low-income backgrounds, so that they can also have equal opportunities to change their lives for the better.

With affordable fees, a friendly learning environment and experienced tutors who are eager to help their students, Irwin’s Study is the premier tuition center in Tampines, Singapore specializing in both O-level and A-level subjects.

Call us at 6789 2426 or email us at TODAY!

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Do I Really Need GP Tuition?

Schools are the edifice or rather the foundation of a child’s mental augmentation. They are the pre-requisite for a child in order to understand the workings of the world and people around him or her. Though a majority of students can pick up daily lessons taught in the schools instantly,this may not necessarily be the case with all students as there may be a few in class who would need extra attention and extra care. This is when the need for a reliable and effective tuition centre and a tutor arises.

When Do We Realise That Our Children Need GP Tuition?

GP (General Paper) is considered one of the most complex and most difficult subjects to handle in the A-levels curriculum. Often, cases of misinterpretation of issues or concepts in GP are common. In these cases, we do realise the need of the child for an imperative call for special attention in GP. You can gauge that your child is in need for GP tuition by keeping a track record of his or her grades with the passage of time which may indicate that the concepts and skills of this particular subject are not clear to the child or that he or she may have misunderstood them. GP as a A-level subject is a highly critical component of deciding entry into the universities,  and therefore with the aid of the best GP tuition centre in Tampines Singapore, you can guide your child to become more and more well-versed in this particular subject.

Selecting A Specialised Tuition Teacher For GP

In selecting a GP tutor, it is highly important to get the guidance of a tutor who is very familiar and experienced with the General Paper format and is a specialised tutor in the subject. Moreover,students,need to feel comfortable at the tuition centre they eventually choose so that they are able to pose their queries comfortably to the tutor to have him or her clarify and explain important concepts in General Paper to them.

At Irwin’s Study, we have created an environment that is conducive for learning and which also delivers results in enhancing our students’ mastery of General Paper and other subjects. If you need further information on GP Tuition, do feel free to call us at 6789 2426 or alternatively you can use the Contact Form and we will call you back soon to provide you with more details you need.

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